Ask the Mediatrician Podcast

Ask the Mediatrician Podcast

Likes, shares, followers, privacy, virality, misinformation, disinformation, connection, isolation, overuse, misuse, education, edutainment. How exactly does one parent healthy, well- adjusted, critically-thinking kids when this is what we face? How do parents successfully manage the influence of media in their children’s lives?

The Mediatrician is here to help!

Pediatrician, father, and filmmaker, Dr. Michael Rich, and his colleague, child development expert, Kristelle Lavallee, address these issues and YOUR questions to help educate your family and families everywhere about media’s powerful influence on the physical, mental, and emotional health of children.

Listen in and join the conversation! No question is too complicated to unravel and rewire, and no caregiver is alone in their questions. Get expert advice, recommendations for practical tools and help navigating our media-dominated culture. Stream or download today:

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