Science-based expertise guiding a constantly evolving future

Using knowledge of human development and physical, mental, and social health to inform, guide and support the use and design of the technology of today and tomorrow.

Group image of Michael Rich, Kristelle Lavallee, and Jill R. Kavanaugh


Steeped in science and committed to the current, our interdisciplinary team brings the latest science and technical proficiency to every project, problem and innovation.


Our enduring commitment to improving human lives and relationships is built into every project we take on, every question we answer, and every problem we solve.


Understanding that children are our future, all of our efforts are focused on the goal of improving and enriching their world and the interactions they have in it.

Meet the Team

Let our team of experts help you.

Michael Rich
Founder, Pediatrician, Media Expert
Michael Rich
Kristelle Lavallee
Child Development Expert
Kristelle Lavallee
Jill R Kavanaugh
Chief Knowledge Officer
Jill R. Kavanaugh